13 by 13 Challenge…Are you in?


Want to jump on board?  Here is a a template you can print off and write your own 13 by 13 Challenge on!  Good luck 🙂

Print this out to write you own 13 by 13 Challenge on!



A Quick Nugget

Here is a quick little post today.  Lately I’ve been feeling burdened about a few people in my life.  A while back a door closed between us and after a brief visit home God has given me a dream of re-opening it.  After chattin’ today with my wonderful friend, she gave me this little nugget:

And that is all I can do.  Unlock the door.  If and when God decides to open it is up to Him, but I’m going to unlock it.  So here I go.  Baby steps.

INTRODUCING: Wow Nice! Productions

Long story short: I’m currently taking time off from school for a multitude of reasons–and God is helping me use this time to further discover His plans for me.  I will be focusing a lot on photography and being happy 🙂  But, I’m still living in my college town, surrounded by my friends…who are all students.  So, while they do homework, I don’t.

On a recent occasion, my friends invited me to the library to join them as they did homework.  Ummm, let me think–I wouldn’t go to the library if I had homework, so I said….”no.”  But seeing my boredom, my beautiful friend (and Twin) told me that my assignment was to write a song about her.  So I did.  And I posted it on Facebook…for all the world to see.  Surprised, they dared me to do another…this time I had to rap for another friend.  And again, I delivered.

Moral of the story: Don’t think I won’t 🙂  And, as a result, another friend of mine told me to put them on YouTube.  Being the shy, timid girl that I am (but of course that all goes away after you get to know me!), I brushed the idea off quietly.  However, this friend knows all about YouTube and has watched enough on it to know that I should upload them.  I don’t want to boast, but she essentially told me that I have what it takes.  Again, I’m not so sure.  I guess the only way to find out is to try.  So…

Presenting, for the first time: Wow Nice! Productions

So please, go watch…leave a comment if you’d like 🙂

Here’s to my new endeavor and another week–Happy Monday!