Hidden Growth

I recently I have begun the challenge of going through my iTunes library.  It seemed like it would be an easy task…but, boy was I wrong.  Starting out my library was at a whopping 2500 songs.  That is a lot of songs; but some of those songs have not been played in a while…as in like years.  Especially the Soulja Boy and Three 6 Mafia songs from my “gangster” phase of my sophomore year of high school.

So, for the past week or two I have slowly been going through it, song by song.  But for some reason I couldn’t find the strength to press the delete button because with each song I deleted I was sad to see the number of songs go down?  But why, it is just a number?

I realized that we (and yes I know I am making a generalization) as humans have an infatuation with numbers.  Our weight, income, and iTunes song count are just a few of the many numbers that we obsess over.  We are obsessed.  Period.  But (again) why?  The most probable reasons is that we want “perfection” and in today’s society, it is all in the numbers.  We have to be skinny.  We have to make beaucoup dollars.  We have to have lots of songs in our iTunes.

Well, I am not going to say that I have never tried to be perfect because I used to…a lot.  But now I have a whole new approach to the idea of “perfection.”  I am currently reading this really good book called Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris; it is about courtship and how to have a God-centered relationship vs. a self-centered one.  Really good book–highly recommend it!  Anyways, in the book Harris said,

“Our standard shouldn’t be perfection, but consistent growth.”

HOW TRUE IS THAT?!?  Oh my goodness, when I read that everything made sense.  Although we may desire perfection, it is important that we instead focus on our continual growth.  Everyday is a new day and a new opportunity for us to grow; kind of like how in my elementary school everyday they would tell us during the announcements to “make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.”

With that, I understood that I used to desire a lot of songs on my iTunes but now realize that it is more important to grow.  Looking at my initial purpose to clean out my iTunes was spot on–I wanted to rid my library of the “bad” songs that no longer represent my attitudes, morals, and beliefs.  So awesome; even though I was worried about the number of songs I had, God knew that I was doing it in order to grow.  I still cannot get over how epic that is.  I love God and his coincodences, don’t you?



One thought on “Hidden Growth

  1. I am so proud of you!!! You are such an inspiration to so many!! Going through your itunes is a tough thing… I cried 😛 But I love what God is showing you through this process! I am so proud of you and your walk!! You are truly an amazing women of God!!

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