God WILL Help You!

This summer I will be spending my break working at a Bible camp in my hometown.  Words cannot describe how happy I am to have the opportunity to work at camp and be able to work directly with the children.  But the road to where I am now (even though I have only been at training for three days) has been long.

I initially applied for my summer job in February; I did an interview for a counselor position and then begun the waiting process.  After a few weeks I got an email that basically changed my perspective–I didn’t get the position.  Due to a large number of returning staff my supervisor was not able to offer me my desired position.  BUT (because there is always a but) he did offer me employment; among other positions I was offered a first aid position…so I accepted it.

It was difficult for me to understand how something that I desired so much (to be able to counsel children at camp) had been denied to me by God.  Why did I have to “settle” for something else?  Well, over the past few days I have learned why.

My position requires that I become a certified first responder.  Never in my life did I ever plan on becoming a first responder…I mean I can barely watch an episode of ER without getting squeamish!  So, for three days I was stuck in a room for a majority of the day (with bathroom and meal breaks in between).  I have never felt so under-qualified in my life!  My head raced with thoughts of “Why am I here,” “Why did God put me through this,” “How will I ever pass my test?”  But then I remembered something my friend said once, “God doesn’t call the qualified…he qualifies the called,”  HOW TRUE IS THAT!?!

Psalm 9:10 says that, “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” I know that I trust in the Lord and that he will never forsake me; he will qualify me so that I may have the chance to work at this camp.  Although I may not feel that I am worthy, God has called me and He will qualify me.

I hope that this summer is full of adventures like this for all of YOU.  God challenges us each and every day…are you living for the plans He has for YOU?  Try it; He will never forsake you…what do you have to lose?  Nothing.



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