The Power of Prayer

Although camp has been quite busy, I have to share with you all something that I just finally understood.  Keep in mind that I grew up Christian…so, you are never to old to learn and grow in your faith!

Prayer: A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God.

Prayer is the subject of this post, obviously.  Although it is something that Christians learn at a small age and do many times a day, it is a basic fundamental skill that some people seem to “overlook” and/or “underestimate.”  Before meals and before bedtime are common times that we find ourselves thanking our Lord, but there is SOOOOOO much more than that!

Remember in my last post and how I talked about God qualifying the called?  Well, this is sort of like a sequel to that: I PASSED MY EXAMS!  Ahhhhh, if feels so good to be able to breathe again.  However, I owe all of my successes to our Lord; before I took my exam I prayed, after I finished I prayed AGAIN.  Although I felt like I was whining: “God give me this, give me that, blah blah blah…,” I knew that God had brought me to camp for a reason–so I prayed like never before.  My prayers paid off–I passed my exam!  It felt so good to be able to succeed and ever better to give the credit to God.  For me, this was a BIG step in my growth because I have never felt God’s presence like I did the past two days.  Now, I have learned to turn to God in prayer when I need His help.

Now, here is the fun part 🙂

Remember when we you were little and wrote a Christmas list for Santa Claus with EVERYTHING you wanted?  Well, this is something very similar to what I have just created (in a sense) for God.  After my whole revelation today about the power of prayer, I have decided to list ALL of the things that I need God’s help with (specifically for this summer).  At first I felt “needy” but then in (yet another) BIG step of growth I learned to understand that we cannot do anything without the help of God.  So, here is my list (and I may add more later…who knows–right, God does!):

~ Have a content heart

~ Be more confident in my faith

~ Build a strong sense of community with my fellow staff members

~ Have few (if any) major injuries

~ Discover God’s true calling for me

Although they are all important, I bolded the ones that are EXTREMELY important to me.

In conclusion: Life is not like Dominos Pizza…you cannot order exactly what you want and get it in less than 15 minutes or else it is free.  Rather, with the power of prayer, God will help provide you with your needs.  Pray, let him hear you!  Don’t feel ashamed, for the love of God is greater than anything.  BUT–don’t forget to praise Him!  Do everything in the name of the Lord our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Go in peace, serve the Lord: Thanks be to God!



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