Do you ever feel like you are alone, walking along the path of life all by yourself…well, you’re not!  Today I made a really cool realization about our shadows (per the title of this post): God is our shadows!  It may seem like a weird comparison, but really–HE IS!

Think about it…here are my 3 reasons why:

  1. Your shadow is ALWAYS attached to you–you couldn’t escape it even if you tried.  Some way or another, He is attached to you so you cannot run from your shadow; the same way you cannot run from God.
  2. It exists in all conditions–even when it is dark it is till there (even if you cannot see it).  He is there in the brightest of times and the darkest of times, so even when you don’t feel like God is with you…HE IS.
  3. (My coolest reason) It is on the opposite side of you than the sun–does that make sense?  Like the Son (Jesus) is on one side of you and your shadow (God) is on the other side so you are basically surround by God the Father and God the Son…and to complete the circle–the Holy Spirit is working inside of you.  So there you go, all three forms of God…with you at ALL TIMES.

So how about that…pretty intense realization there.  I guess it is kinda hard for me to put in words it exactly, but I hope that you can get the idea.

Keep coming back for more posts–sorry I have been lacking lately, camp is pretty busy.  But I will be posting a “Special Edititon” post soon.  More info about that coming up later 🙂



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