A Revelation…5 months later?

I love revelations!  It is the moment where the light bulb finally flickers on for that one split second and, alas–you finally understand.  Sometimes they happen in relation to an event and other times sporadically.  My most recent was a little of both.

Five months ago I made public a decision [which I had in my heart for years now] that has made my life for the better and with that decision came a purchase.  On March 24th of 2011, I put on my purity ring for the first time and was ecstatic to finally have it.  It took a while to get used to it on my finger (as I never wore a ring there before) and even longer to get used to the attention it brought to me and questions about my current relationship status.  But, I was (and still am) single.

Time passed by and soon I barely felt its presence and soon after, the questions faded as well.  However, my worries about dying a lonely cat lady stayed stuck in my mind like gum on a sidewalk.  I kept wondering where my future husband was, how we would meet, if I already knew him, where we would live, how we would propose–what the ring would look like?!?!  And with that last thought, I glanced at the ring on my left hands ring-finger . . . replacing it with a wedding ring.

But then (here comes the revelation!), I thought…wait?  This ring is like a wedding ring!  A ring holding my heart close to the closest guy in my life–Jesus.  He is my savior, redeemer, friend, and romancer.  HE is the one I must wait for; HE is only guarding my heart while HE finishes preparing my future [earthly] husband for me.  OMGOODNESS!

I cannot believe that it took me five months to realize it, but I finally did.  Now, every time I glance at the finger, I am feel so special to know that Jesus is guarding my heart–HE is mine.  And I will await for Him to give me my earthly husband because love is patient and so am I.

In His name,



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