Tonight I attended a girls night at my church specifically held for my age group.  During the opening speakers, something in my mind clicked!  The topic: contentment.  As girls, we tend to compare ourselves to other around us in regards to appearance, money, personality, popularity, etc., all because we have insecurities.  As creations of God (and made in His image), we sometimes let our insecurities interfere with God’s calling for us.

The only antidote is contentment–God has equipped us to do what His plans are for us–we don’t need anything more than what He has already given us!

I challenge all girls out there to toss all the other voices out there–the media, poisons friends, and all of societies stupid “standards” and listen to God.  He has called us all…will you hear it?  Or will you be too concerned with the other voices?  Will you be too busy comparing yourself to those around you?  Be content.  Try, I know you will succeed because you can do all thing through Christ who gives you strength (Philippians 4:13).



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