Our God is great!

Just the other day I celebrated my 8-month anniversary with my spiritual journal!  Since journaling, I have grown so much!  If I have one tip for anyone wishing to grow closer to God and in their faith, it would be to journal!  Just writing your trials and praises to Him is so helpful…it really allows you to take time and actually listen to Him.

Anyway, before journaling, I read through some of my previous entries and it is amazing to see how God has worked everything out…in HIS timing and through HIS means.  So amazing!  Challenges that I faced and fears I had have ceased because I gave him my worries.  I realized that my worries were meaningless.  They are nothing compared to the great God that I have.

Matthew 6:27

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

Casting all of my worries onto Him, He has again proven Himself to be a faithful God of love.  I am so blessed to have grown closer to him over the past year-ish of my life.  I am so excited to see how He continues to work in me and through me over the next 8-months and beyond.

p.s. Check out the new page: My Future Husband added today 🙂



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