BE BOLD (Part 1–Acceptance)

Recently I have discovered something that I really want and it has been a struggle for me to figure out if it is something that God has placed into my life or if it something that I as a weak human have decided I want and am telling myself it’s God.  So, I prayed.

In church this past week, I felt God telling me, “Kimberly, be bold, be bold.”  Well, I can’t just ignore that, now can I?

This is a little “mini-series” that I am putting together on HOW TO BE BOLD.  Now being bold is more than writing in bold but, this way…you get my point 🙂  I was inspired to do this because I wasn’t able to find something that I could read to help me…so I am writing this one to help me and YOU too.  We will break down what it means to be bold through a step-by-step mini-series.  This is a versatile idea that will work for many desires that you may have (finding love, going on a mission trip, finding a job, etc.)…but I won’t go into the details about my desire. 🙂

Before we begin…lets define the term bold:

not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possibledanger or rebuff; courageous and daring.

Interesting.  “Not hesitating and courageous.”  I think I can handle that!  But let’s start digging into being bold with a little disclaimer: always pray before being bold.  Before I heard God call me to be bold, I prayed.  It was a continual prayer…each day, every moment that I had.  It was a prayer for wisdom, guidance, and love.  For me, I like to pray before bed–instead of counting sheep, I talk to the Shepherd.  I just pray and pray and pray.  (But pray in a way that you feel most connected to God).  He eventually called me to be bold.  What I have done since then is where being bold begins with step one: acceptance.

  1. Accepting what God has put on your heart is the first step in being bold.  Make the conscious decision to pursue it.  This decision will help you to continue towards obtaining your desire.  Accepting your desire is going to form the foundation of your journey.  Start strong!

Prayer is the best way to do this because even though you prayed before, now you need Him even more!  You need His wisdom and hand guiding you to your desiresbut more importantly, listen after you pray.  He will direct you.

At this point, you are going to want to begin thinking about and/or taking [super] small baby steps–don’t dive in at this point.  But it may be useful to let a few people (not the entire public!) know about your desire so that they can help you 1. stay accountable, 2. provide guidance, and/or 3. give you encouragement to continue towards your desire.

On a last note: GET EXCITED!  This is not necessarily a step in being bold but it is still important.  Be ready for the journey you are about to embark on!  God has obviously put a desire in your heart for a reason!  Pursue it seriously with joy!

I like songs.  So here is a song to get you EXCITED!  We sang it at camp this summer and I actually started singing it the other day, which made me happy 🙂  Hope you enjoy it too!

Stay tuned because I am excited to continue this “mini-series” with step-two a little later 🙂

~krz †


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