Has God put something on your heart lately?  Does it seem unattainable?  Well, I think we’ve all been there before….but not everyone has grown into it.  God works in miraculous ways and sometimes it takes time to understand and grow into the plans He has for us.

When I was younger, I liked taking pictures.  I actually wanted to be a professional photographer and work in a portrait studio.  But I didn’t believe in myself.  I pushed that dream aside to do something more ‘practical.’

Years later, here I am.  I have since re-discovered my passion for photography and am now taking it to the next level.  I love fine art photography and have even started a blog and Facebook page!  I am not looking for a way to advertise my new ‘business,’ but I hope to inspire you all.

God won’t toy with your heart…if He places something there, it’s because He wants you to go for it.  What has He placed on your heart?  How can you grow into it?  It might take some time (maybe years like mine did!), but in His timing you’ll know.  Listen to Him.



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