His Eyes

I have succeeded–this is NOT about love!

Have you ever heard a song [literally] a million time but never knew its meaning?  It’s the song you hear on the radio, the song you hum on your way to class, its the song that you never knew would change your life.

For me, that song is ‘Give Me Your Eyes,’ by Brandon Heath:

I cannot even count just exactly how many times I have heard this song, sang along to it in my car, or thought about its meaning.  But today I do.

Now, I pray…but never have I (to my memory) ever prayed asking God to give me His eyes.  Honestly, up until today I had never thought about it too much.  But God has changed that.  He has given me His eyes.

I don’t see the disabled as disabled…I see them as incred-able (incredible…get it?).  They have challenges–God given challenges–challenges that world makes them believe make them UNable.

Keeping in mind that I grew up with siblings who have special needs, I wasn’t completely oblivious to them.  I have always been understanding, just not on God’s level…with His eyes, it’s like putting on a pair of glasses…FINALLY seeing 20/20.  Or like that commercial for Claritin…, you know the, “I’m Claritin clear!” line that they say and the world magically goes from blurry to crystal clear–yeah, that is the comparison between our vision and God’s.  Basically.

But think of it this way:

The only disability in life is a bad attitude

~Scott Hamilton

When I heard that, I was speechless.  Our attitudes are so much more powerful than we could ever imagine.  They truly are thee only disability that hovers over this world.  But, then there is this:

Romans 15:5

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had…

God can give us His eyes.  He can give us the ability to look past the bad attitudes of this world.  We will finally see the world and all those who suffer as Jesus saw them.

As awesome as the idea is to see with God’s eyes…it is completely heart-wrenching.  I saw someone on campus today with a physical disability…I almost teared up.  But, I guess I wasn’t crying because I felt bad for them…I cried for their perseverance, their courage, and their grace.  Living life with a disability is not easy…maybe God only gives them to the strongest spirits.

Needless to say, I think I am close to being called by God.  I have a feeling that sometime soon, He will break my heart over the cause He has set for me.  I cannot wait!



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