Today IS a Fairytale

Love.  It devours my every thought.  I am definitely a girl in the aspect that I dream a lot about my future and all that it entails.  BUT, as I wrote about in my last post, I gave God the pen.  It was one of those thought processes/actions that just happened–I knew I had to hand it over, I did, but I didn’t fully understand the importance of it…to a point.  Let me explain.

This weekend I was privileged to attend a Bible college at my church by THEE Dr. James Bradford.  And sometime during the 8 hours that I heard him speak he mentioned something about God’s plan for us and IT HIT ME.

So often as little girls (and maybe little boys too?) we find our selves living vicariously through fairytales–Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, TANGLED!  We imagine what it would be like to live the fairytale that they did, waiting for our true Prince Charming to rescue US.

But God didn’t write those fairytales, screenwriters did.  God writes better ones, if you can imagine!  And right now, today, at this very moment, He is writing mine (and YOURS!).  How cool is that?  Today IS a fairytale.

THAT is why I gave God the pen.  Because I don’t want a washed-up version of some generation-old fairytale.  I want the one that GOD is writing for me!  The one that ONLY I will live (my future husband will have a different one too, but ours will both end with us together!)  Ahhhh, I am in awe of God.

So yeah, I literally wanted to do a [insert palm to forehead motion here] when I figured this out.  I mean really…how many “bad” or less than glamourous days do we live and just toss aside…when really, they are part of our fairytale?

On a side note, my book shipped today…coming all the way from Massachusetts 🙂

And, here is a shout-out to my good friend, Bridget 🙂

p.s. Next post I will try to steer to a different topic other than my infatuation with all things love and future related…but no promises 🙂


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