New series coming!

So, about a year ago (February 17, 2011) I renewed my relationship with God.  As I celebrate the one year of that day, I am disappointed in myself.  WHOA!?!  Why!?!  Shouldn’t I be happy!?!  No.  Although this past year has been amazing and God-given, I have realized that there are still so many things that I put in front of God…I haven’t made HIM my number one priority.

I was convicted of this recently at Chi Alpha (the campus ministries that I attend).  Watch this, and I think you’ll begin to understand:

This video reaches us all in different ways.  For me personally, I break down near the end when Jesus steps in and releases the main character from the sins that entangled her.  Even though after giving her life and watching her dance with sin (on many occasions and levels) HE, Jesus, jumps in to save her.  While we dance with sin, HE still loves us.  He still wants us.  He still rescues us.  He watches us dance with sin and He continues to call us back to Him, but we ignore Him.  Finally, when reach our breaking point and try to get back to Him…and the sins wont let us…HE jumps in, and takes the beating.

You know…He really did that.  It is call the cross.  He endured a horrifying death.  But, that also wasn’t the end.  He rose after three days and now sits at the right hand of God.

This video changed me.  I realized that Jesus is so much more than someone we sing about, read about, and sometimes talk (pray) to.  He is everything.  But what is everything?  It seems like a lot!  But it’s not…because it all comes down to one thing…one person…one hope, Jesus.

So, what is this series about?  Well after having my life changed from this video I realized that Jesus is so much more: He is our father, teacher, beginning (and end), servant, witness, lover…seriously, the list could go on forever (just like His love for us!).  But that is what this new series is about.  It is about God and the numerous roles that He plays in our lives.

As we (because I hope you continue to read my posts) continue on this journey to discover God…really dig in.  Don’t spend the next year of your life (like I just did) thinking of God in a 2D fashion–He is so much more than we could imagine!  Don’t limit Him for He is limitless!

I am very excited to embark on this journey of discovery…



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