I’ve been meaning to write a new post for a while now…honestly.  So many ideas have been coming to mind–“Oh, I should write about this…ooooh, or maybe that! ”  Although those ideas were good, this one I’m going to share with you now is EPIC.  So epic that I literally just stopped what I was doing in order to type this out…so epic, that I am willing to make my grumbling belly wait a few more minutes.  It’s that good, I promise.  Here is the story:

I was making me some dinner (or better yet, I was trying to decide what to make for dinner).  Like usual, I have my iTunes playing in the background…when all of a sudden: my new/current favorite song came up–well actually, I choose that song to play.  Regardless, while listening to that song…my perspective changed.

I guess you are probably wondering

  1. What song am I talking about
  2. How did my perspective change…if I’ve listened to the song a million times (that is an exaggeration, btw) and the lyrics have never changed…?
Swell, this is the song I am talking about: it is the opening song in “Letters to Juliet,” and yes, it is a love story.  I found this cute little lyrical video with cute “characters” for you to watch below:

Now that you’ve heard the song…you may catch on to my point.  The song is about love.  Loving someone so much you cannot get enough.  You give up.  You give in.  Because no matter what you do, your heart belongs to them.  Now, I don’t know about you personally, but when I listened to that song just now, I though of Jesus.  I cannot get enough of Him and His love for me.  I do give up and in.  All I want is His love.  It IS everything that I’ve dreamed of–and some!  Because, at the end of the day my heart is filled with the love He shows me and belongs to Him.  That is my point.

I am pretty sure that we all have that one favorite song about perfect love.  I am also pretty sure that the songwriter wasn’t thinking about Jesus…it’s not specifically a Christian song, but still.  So, what is YOUR favorite song.  Listen to it…who do you think of?  I challenge you to change your perspective.  It is so cool!  This song, which is and will forever be, [one of] my favorite song[s].

That was EPIC.  I am so glad that I have been blessed with the love of God.  One day, He will bless me even more with my earthy husband, but for now, my heart belongs to Him alone.

Now go listen to your favorite love song…and share it in the comments!



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