Do NOT give up…

I’ve been thinking about my post from yesterday, A LOT.  Partly because I wrote it at 2am and didn’t publish it until after going to bed and waking up again…giving me plenty of time to contemplate and lose confidence in my message.  But, I found the courage to publish it.  But, I still haven’t stopped thinking about it.

I have this feeling that some people think my ‘reinvention’ happened overnight.  And although this is probably just the devil and his continuous schemes to break down my spirit, I still want to address that thought because, it is a good point to bring up.

When I first started to go to church here in Winona and get plugged in at a small group, I was surrounded by some amazing people.  They had the supernatural ability always say the most wise and insightful things and be able to whip open their Bible to the right book and find the verse before I could even get to my table of contents.  That’s how amazing.

I was so easily discouraged because even though I read my Bible and journaled, I didn’t know the order of the Bible or wasn’t able to reference verses like them.  But, I couldn’t be mad at them…because even though I wanted the faith and wisdom that they had, I knew that it didn’t happen overnight.  So, I took it day by day and took advantage of every opportunity to read my Bible and learn what I could (if you read the previous post, you’ll get some more insight on my journey as well).

So, I want to close by sharing with you a verse…

Don’t become weary or discouraged.  No matter the case.  Whether you are comparing your faith or knowledge or body.  Their is a special reward for those who persevere.  A harvest.  For me, my harvest was seeing the beauty that God sees in me (even after suffering from self-confidence issues).  You might not be able to fathom the idea, but God has a harvest for you prepared…right now He might be planting the seeds…you might be pulling some weeds…or you might be in a torrential downpour or drought.  But no matter where you are, God is there too.  Do not give up.



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