The other day I woke up and read the next chapter of my morning devotional.  Ehh, it was ‘okay.’  Nothing life-changing or ponder-some, just ehh.  It was about a dripping faucet; too be exact, the title of the chapter was Constant Drip.  It’s message was simple: just like a constant dripping faucet are the complaints of a nagging wife; small, but invasive and maddening.  Which is all true, don’t get me wrong, but it was just ehh.  It didn’t give me room to think, it was just that simple.

I am actually a hands-on kinda person.  I need to see it, touch it, be able to feel that it is there.  And quite frankly, this specific devo didn’t satisfy my learning needs.  But whatever, you can’t always have a good morning devo…can you?

Regardless, God knows what you need to hear (the message)…you may not read what you need to hear, but God will provide the clarification.  I am currently reading a book that thousands of other women have/will read.  It wouldn’t be a good book if everyone understood it the same.  This is because the book is a tool, written by the author, to help readers connect with God.  God provides the lesson.  I know this is certain.  Because right after my devo, I realized just how EPIC that devo was.

After borderline sulking away from my morning devo, sad that it wasn’t earth-shaking, I wandered downstairs to grab me some grub (aka, breakfast–my favorite meal of the day F.Y.I.).  I made my breakfast and sat down at the table.  Then I hear it.  A beep.  Not knowing what it was, I ignored it.  But a minute or two later it beeped again.  I realized it was a smoke detector that needed new batteries.  A little bit later, when I finished my breakfast, I heard it beep and realized that I managed to ignore it.  And that is when it all clicked.

Just like the constantly beeping fire alarm, it’s easy to ignore people who constantly complain.  Since they always complain, you can always count on what they say to be a complaint–I never once expected the fire alarm to quack, or moo, or honk because it always beeped.  Since you always expect them to complain, even if they ever were to have something intellectual to say, it would be easy to ignore–just like the little boy who cried wolf.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be ignored.  I want to be heard.

This week, I challenge you to pay attention to how many times you complain.  Think…what could you do besides complain?




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