Acts 20:24

If there is one thing that I have begun to learn and realize as I have continued on my adult faith journey, it is that my life is worthless without Christ.  I have also realized that the only purpose that I have in my life is to sharing His love…although I do play the role of daughter, sister, and friend–being a vessel for Him is above everything.

This life really is a race.  Some finish before us…that doesn’t mean that they win because, we are not racing for ourselves; we are racing for Christ.  He has set before us each a track–a track with challenges, sharp turns, bumps, pit-stops, and some crashes.  But also along the race, we meet people in need–they are alone, sick, lost…and they need Christ.  So that is where our true purpose comes in.

Do you make a pit-stop for them…help them find Christ; or do you speed by, more concerned about getting the trophy.  Remember, we can all win the trophy because in the end the real prize is eternal life.

My life hasn’t been perfect and I have had many challenges, sharp turns, and bumps in my life–but that is why got has given me the task of testifying–because my story is unique and powerful.  I hope that someday, I can use my story to help others…whether they’ve been through the same and need reassurance or if they are heading down a path of pleasing the world in a sort of way…I want to help.

I don’t know about you, but my life is worth so much more now knowing that I have the power of my testimony.  Think about this today: what have been some of your challenges, sharp turns, bumps, pit-stops, and crashes…?  How have you perceived them?  Here is a challenge now: use them for God’s glory; use it to testify to the good news of God’s grace like it says in Acts 20:24.



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