Let’s ‘High Five for Friday!’

It’s Friday 🙂  Here are the 5 highs of my week!  Make sure to check out Lauren @ My Grey Desk to see the other link-ups!

  1. I’ve discovered some BIG dreams that God has put on my heart lately…most certainly will be praying about them (and adding them to my bucket list!).
  2. I have think I have finally found my segue to coffee: Cookies & Cream Frapps…dangerously yummmy!
  3. I have been especially active this week, resulting in a great mood 🙂  I have biked, ran, and rollerbladed around the lakes in town and have seriously had to stop to take in God’s beautiful creation all around #mesmerizing #hashtagwontworkonhere
  4. I finally bought some new forever stamps and they are the cutest!  I love cherry blossoms and hope to one day attend the festival in Washington D.C.!
  5. I got to lead small group this week 🙂

What a week!  I hope you all have a great weekend; make sure you come back Monday to hear what my ‘Monday Message’ is!

Be safe and God bless,



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