Life. It happens.

So, a while back I set out on a more structured schedule for blogging.  For a while it lasted.  And then life happened.  I got busy and lost internet access for a few days.  I got out of routine.  But, like always I have returned again!

Yes, I still plan on keeping a similar schedule to what I had.  But for now, let me just blabber all that I need to.

God has been speaking to me so much in so many ways that my mind has literally been blown to bits.  This should give you an idea of what my mind has looked like recently:

Make mistakes.  Be forgiven.  Reflect.  Change.  Run.  Work hard.  Stretch.  Blush.  Be beautiful.  Read.  Sleep.  Be patient.  LAKE GENEVA!  Run again.  Understand.  Take photos.  Make goals. DREAM.  Be yourself.  Write.  Worship.  Journal.  Listen.  Share.  FUNDRAISE.  Dream some more.  BLOG!  Repeat 🙂

See what I mean?  That is a lot to take in.  Of course this is just a small portion of what God has been doing in my life.

Moral of the story: life happens.  That is how God planned it to be.  Life is where we make mistakes, learn lessons, and LIVE.  Now, do we live for ourselves or do we live for Him?  THAT is the million-dollar question.

…who do YOU live for?

I live to love Him.  That is what I do.  So yes, life happened and I’ve been absent here.  But, it was all apart of His plan.  It was time He planned for me to listen to Him and understand lessons.  It is where He planted dreams in my heart and called me to a greater purpose.  It is when He called me to change and step out in faith…which let me say is easier said that done.  But that is a whole story of it’s own. 


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