Failing is…okay?

Failing is never fun, at least from my experience.  Recently, I failed; I made a mistake that I’ve made far too many times before…a lesson that you’d think I’d have learned by now.  But apparently not.

As the feeling of failure set in, very slowly, I began to beat myself up for allowing myself to fail.  I almost hated myself.  How many times can one person make the same mistake over and over again?!?

But in that moment, God spoke to my heart:

“Have you not realized that you live in an imperfect world?  I don’t expect you to be perfect…in fact, you will never ‘be’ perfect because IN MY EYES, YOU ALREADY ARE.  NOTHING you can/will do will ever change my opinion of you, my perfect daughter.  I have planned every moment of your life, including the mistakes you have/will make—that’s right, you WILL make more.

Mistakes are an important ingredient in your life because from them you will learn right from wrong.  So, please do not be upset at the mistakes you have made.  Learn from them—become empowered to change!  Every day I give you is a new opportunity to be the person that I have created you to be—you don’t have to do anything special, just be yourself.  Accept the mistakes you have made for they too are a part of you and what makes you special.

You can conquer your mistakes by learning from them.  Although it may seem difficult at first, know that I am always by your side and will never leave you to fend for yourself.  So the next time you feel a tug between you and the world, seek me—PRAY!  I will always be here to listen to you and help you.

So…apparently failing is okay?

It can be so hard to understand.  But yes, failing is okay.  I have since forgiven myself of my mistake and have found my spirit to be happier than ever knowing that I can over come it!

God has an amazing ability to bring JOY into our life, if we let Him!!!  So LET HIM!  Don’t ‘try’ to stop Him by hanging onto guilt…because we all know that He will find away around our petty walls we build.

What has God been telling YOU lately?  Maybe you should take a moment to listen…because, He’s always there…in your heart ❤


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