It’s FRIDAY :)

And you know what that means, let’s high-five!  Here are my top 5 from this past week:

  1. I took the first big step towards my mission trip earlier this week when I sent out support letters! As difficult as it was, God challenged me to understand that He cannot help me unless I take the first step.  So, off they went!  If you would like more information about my mission trip, you can read about it here or donate here 🙂
  2. I perhaps spent the best $2 of my life this week on a white-lace skirt at the Salvation Army in town.  Yes it is too big on me, but it will be so easy to alter because it doesn’t have a zipper!  As soon as I can get a sewing machine in my possession, I will have it [hopefully] ready to wear in no time.  I cannot wait!
  3. Fresh fruit after a summer bike ride.  Enough said.  (Except for the canned peaches, I’m sorry…they’re just so hard to eat fresh!)
  4. I’m going home next week, for the whole week.  Can’t wait to be home and go to the county fair!  (p.s. I will be exhibiting some photographs at the fair!  I will update you on the results after)
  5. My little brother FINALLY learned to ride a two-wheeled bike after being on this earth for 10 years.  But, now he wants me to bring my bike home next week.  And I drive a small Ford Focus.  No worries, I successfully discovered the other day that my bike fits in my cars backseat!

What a week!

See some more H5FF post here at Lauren’s Frommygreydeskblog!


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