Bucket List

Life is short and the experiences are many.  I hope to accomplish a lot in my life because God has placed BIG dreams in my heart…and yes, some of them are silly 🙂  I will continue to add more to it as I go.  This is my bucket list (and the dates accomplished if applicable).

  1. Get married
  2. Be called mommy
  3. Go on a mission trip (I will be in 2013, help me raise money here!)
  4. Have one of my photos published in National Geographic
  5. Go on a road trip with friends
  6. Donate my hair (5/29/12; see my before and after here)
  7. Sew a quilt
  8. Learn to play the piano
  9. Be a part of someones testimony
  10. Actually make something that I “pin” on Pinterest (see here)
  11. Get a pet corgi and name him Chester 🙂  Like this one below…such a happy lil’ pup:
  12. Learn to swim (yep…I still don’t know how to.)
  13. Read the entire Bible from cover to cover
  14. Disciple someone
  15. Befriend somebody I don’t like (yep…we’ll call that one #42, just because I loveloveLOVE ‘A Walk to Remember’)
  16. Write/publish a book (I’m currently working on it!)
  17. Run a Disney half-marathon (either the Tinkerbell or Princess one! 🙂 )
  18. Worship at Elevation Church (in North Carolina)
  19. Attend River Valley Church (8/12/12 at the Faribault campus)
  20. Own a pair of Toms
  21. Take my after picture…
  22. Go for a run in Central Park
  23. Own a fish tank that precicely mimics the one in the dentist’s office in Finding Nemo
  24. Visit ALL 50 states (and take a photo by each” Welcome to ____” sign…otherwise it won’t count)
  25. Check off everything on my photography bucket list 🙂
  26. Pet a real tiger
  27. Give a stranger my Bible
  28. Kiss in the rain Hug in the snow
  29. Own a Canon DSLR camera (currently I am saving my money for a 60D)
  30. Shoot a bullseye with a bow

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