13 by 13 Challenge…Are you in?


Want to jump on board?  Here is a a template you can print off and write your own 13 by 13 Challenge on!  Good luck 🙂

Print this out to write you own 13 by 13 Challenge on!



A Quick Nugget

Here is a quick little post today.  Lately I’ve been feeling burdened about a few people in my life.  A while back a door closed between us and after a brief visit home God has given me a dream of re-opening it.  After chattin’ today with my wonderful friend, she gave me this little nugget:

And that is all I can do.  Unlock the door.  If and when God decides to open it is up to Him, but I’m going to unlock it.  So here I go.  Baby steps.

Hello, Friday…I’ve missed you!

We’ve managed to survive another week, yay!  This week seemed to trickle by but alas, Friday has come and I am excited to go home for the weekend to celebrate Fall Festival 2012.  But, before I head out for the weekend I thought I would share my top 5 from this week.

  1. Football, skinny jeans, and moccasins #fallhasarrived #enoughsaid
  2. I’ve got some fundraising pictures for sale 🙂 Learn more about the mission trip I will be going on and how you can support me here!
  3. I took a nap on Wednesday after work and I am pretty sure it was the best nap ever thanks to these guys
  4. I wish I could spend more gloomy days eating tomato soup and grilled cheese and reading magazines
  5. God is good 🙂

So there is my week for ya…pretty awesome I’d say!  Here’s to the weekend and another week of blessons (Blessings+Lessons)

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