Book Reviews

Want a good book to read?  Well, I have some suggestions for YOU:

Breakfast with Jesus by Greg Laurie:

This is an amazing book that includes 84 short morning devotionals to help start your day.

It is broken into three parts: the Person of Jesus, the Teaching of Jesus, and then the Promises of Jesus.

I love it because I am always rushing in the morning and can always find time to read this while I eat.

I bought this book at a library book sale for $0.50 but you can get it on for around $10 and I promise it is worth it.

So if you are looking for quick morning devotionals, make sure you check out this book!


Lady in Waiting: Becoming God’s Best While Waiting for Mr. Right, Expanded Edition

I am currently reading this book and although I am only a few pages in…I LOVE it!  It is perfect for where I am at in my life (especially with my covenant)!

This expanded edition has a study guide for each chapter and a journal and devos!  Intense 🙂

Unlike some of my other books, this one isn’t a quick read.  The chapters are longer and I definitely need to make sure I block off some time to read it specifically.  However, considering how much I have enjoyed reading this book and learning about being a Lady in Waiting I think it well worth the time to read!

I ordered my copy off of and have made multiple transactions with them and haven’t had a problem.


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