The past year or so of my life has been an amazing story of transformation.  After being re-introduced to our Lord, I have since been baptized (again) and have fallen more in love with our Abba.  He has shown me His never failing love and forgiveness daily, even when I fail Him.  He knows my hearts desires and is writing my story with His pen.  He is calling me according to His purpose and I plan to use every ounce I have to praise Him.

Above all–I wanna live with a fearless heart [for Him].  Recently, I discovered this song by Point of Grace, entitled Fearless Heart:

But sometimes being fearless can be hard…and involves change.  For the past few years, I’ve been growing out my hair with the plan of donating it.  Well…as my hair fell past my elbows, I battled the influences of the world around me–“You can’t cut your hair, it’s so beautiful!”  But I realized that by listening to those influences, I was ignoring the most important influence of all…Him.  God knew my struggles and knew that I needed to see myself in a new light.  So, He gave me the faith and courage to finally chop it off.

And I am so glad that I did.  Not only am I saving money on shampoo, but I have also become more confident in myself and my ability to live fearlessly.

By no means am I there…yet.  But each day I am getting closer to the women He is molding me to become.  This is my effort to document and share what He is showing my heart…through my passion for writing and blogging.

Since I couldn’t tell a short story to save my life…I recommend you have a seat and stay a while!


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